About Us

I and all my grandchildren belong to a small village in UP. We have seen the purity of the village, the village people, the culture of the village, the widespread gentle nature of the village people, where no one is measured by money, where the purity of love, the feeling of belongingness even to foreigners, is like blood in our hearts. Is dissolved. To give love and behavior to the people inside the village, the business of ghee, oil and organic products from the farm is provided.If someone has khoya then he gives khoya, if someone has ghee then he gives it to the market etc.My fourth generation started the business of ghee, oil and asafoetida, 1 kg of ghee used to be sold in 10 annas. That business was also run by my great grandfather, at that time ghee was priced at 25 paise per kg. My grandfather had three brothers who lived in modern cities because they were doing government jobs since the time of English. At that time, whenever they used to come to the village, they used to tell there. If pure things were not available then Jaya used to bring his food there through bullock cart from the same village.After this, there are four more brothers including father, some are in government jobs and some are in business. Those who are in government jobs, they served for 25 years in different cities of India. They too had the same words and the same working style and that too in their own way. Samagri used to collect the food items necessary for living from the village itself. The uncle who did business used to go to different cities of India, and when he went there and compared the products here, he found that here Purity and taste not only gives health but also gives strength to live a long life. Now I am Ashish Shaly, in my 25 years of struggling life, I went to many states of India and tried to see the food products, then I found the things of my place to be the best and by becoming its main producer, I am providing food to more and more families through my products. I want to connect with you and wish that everyone should live a long life, remain free from diseases and that the gentle nature of the village people on earth should remain in everyone.