Cashew Nuts/Kaju Extra Large (Masala)

Brand: Cashew Nuts/Kaju Extra Large (Masala)
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Indian culture has always given dry fruits great importance- their extraordinary levels of goodness are an added benefit! Perfect for festivities and weddings, celebrate today with SDH’s cashew nuts and spread happiness full of healthiness. Recent scientific research has proven that these nuts are, indeed, fat-free. Now considered as healthy, you can include just five nuts in your daily diet without worrying about authenticity to feel the advantages. Regular consumption helps losing weight faster and brings down cholesterol levels of the body- gifting you a perfectly good heart! These reasonably priced variants also prevent various blood diseases due to the presence of iron and copper in them. Copper also helps to form haemoglobin, which is needed to make red blood cells. It is needed for the energy production cycle of cells. In other words, you get pretty strong immunity! It also has selenium for fighting acne. In addition to that, these nuts help in the production of melanin for shinier, healthier hair.

Nuts & More is a premium brand in dry fruits. We bring the gift of health at your doorstep. At Nuts & More, we bring taste, quality and health together in our fine packing. We select and sort the best quality of products and serve you. Customer satisfaction is what we aim, at Nuts and More. We make sure, that a genuine and natural product is delivered to you with no artificial coloring or polish. Here, at Nuts & More, we pride ourselves on being specialists of nuts, dry fruits and seeds. It is our constant endeavor to provide widest possible range to our customers at genuine prices, and our products are sure to become your new favorites once we deliver them to you.

Sardaran Di Hatti (SDH) is a well-established brand in Delhi since 1949. We are glad to launch our new online venture by the name of Nuts and More. With our experience of more than 70 years, know that whenever and wherever you see a Nuts & More seal, it’s safe to dive in knowing you’ll feel good, feast well and enjoy to the fullest.

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