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Khurmani, also popularised as Khubani, is the dried form of apricots. A full package of Vitamin A, the fat soluble vitamin in Khurmani enhances vision and gives strength to the eyes. Dried Apricots are full of dietary fibres that effectively break down fatty acids quickly and cleanse the intestines. From keeping the immune system in check to protecting the skin and reducing bad cholesterol- Khurmani does it all! Being a natural source of antioxidants, it assists the body with the process of getting rid of various toxins. Originally believed to be from China, these dried fruits are diet-friendly. Along with improving the metabolism rates of the body, eating them fills you up but does not add unnecessary calories, thus preventing liver damage. Its calcium content makes it bone-friendly and the potassium in it helps our bodies absorb that calcium. Khurmani ranks low on the Glycemic Index (GI), which means that it does not increase blood sugar levels and is highly recommended for diabetic people. Blend our supreme quality dried apricots to make a spread or chop them up for toppings on yoghurts and salads.

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